Following deregulation in the utilities market Lenco is able to provide multi-utility solutions to provide customers with a range of significant benefits.

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Consultancy and design

An understanding of the changing nature of the utility market plus its expertise and experience in utilities design and construction, enables Lenco to provide a full range of services for the provision of new infrastructure. The company is able to identify utilities infrastructure procurement and solutions options including installation and potential adoption by host utilities, retention of private networks and installation by independent Infrastructure Service Providers (ISPs).

Through early contractor involvement Lenco is able to provide advice on energy profiles and their cost implications as well as on feasibility, programming and liaison with statutory undertakers and other third parties. Lenco can also provide advice on project costs covering all primary and secondary utilities infrastructure installation and diversionary work.

The company provides comprehensive survey, mapping and advanced 3D modeling of existing utilities with the design of associated diversions and new infrastructure.

Project management and construction

Lenco offers a full project management service ensuring that projects are managed by experienced construction managers with proven track records.